I am a postdoctoral research fellow working with Francesca Dominici in the Biostatistics department at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I also work with Cynthia Rudin at Duke University. My research focuses on variable importance metrics, high dimensional data, causal inference, and health effects of pollution.

I recently finished my PhD at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Biostatistics department, under the advisement of Vadim Zipunnikov and Brian Caffo. Among other projects, I worked on fast computations for bootstrapping principal component analysis, with applications in brain MRI data. You can find a software implementation of this work in the bootSVD R package alt text.

Other research interests of mine include Bayesian analysis, adaptive clinical trials, personalized medicine, machine learning, neuroimaging, circadian rhythms, functional data analysis, and the perception of statistical graphics.

In my spare time, I enjoy kitchen projects that involve lots of test batches.